Crisis Resilient Urban Futures : The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities 2023


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The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities Report 2023, titled 'Crisis Resilient Urban Futures,' presents a comprehensive analysis and assessment of sustainable urban development in the Asia-Pacific region amidst the challenges posed by interconnected global crises in the post-pandemic era. The report explores spatial, economic, social, environmental, and governance aspects, providing all-encompassing policy recommendations designed to facilitate a sustainable urban recovery. By addressing pivotal issues such as climate change, urban and territorial planning, digital transformation, and urban finance, the report advocates for concerted efforts to achieve crisis-resilient urban futures. The recommendations aim to guide policymakers and stakeholders in fostering collaboration and cooperation for a brighter, more resilient future in Asia and the Pacific, emphasizing that no one is left behind. ESCAP, UN-Habitat, and urban development partners stand ready to support the implementation of these recommendations and help build a more sustainable and prosperous future for cities in Asia and the Pacific.

*This report was released at the 8th Asia Pacific Urban Forum, hosted by UNESCAP and the City of Suwon from 23-25 October 2023. For more information about the report, you may visit the official site by CLICKING HERE.

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