• Date : 2016. 6. 8(Wed) – 9(Thu), 09:00 - 17:00
  • Venue : Seoul City Hall, Meeting Room 1, 8th Floor

Floor Plan

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Booth No. Category Exhibitor
1 Government Policy Seoul Metropolitan Government
2 Water Management POSCO E&C
3 Hankuk Engineering Consultant Co.
4 Water Resources Engineering Corporation
5 Transportation Korea Smart Card Co., Ltd
6 LG C&S
7 Urban Planning SH Corporation
8 Disaster & Safety Kunhwa Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd.
9 E-Government SR Post
10 The Bridgesoft
11 SBN
12 EGS
13 Environment YESCO


  • Date : 2016. 6. 10(Fri), 09:30 - 12:30
  • Participants : Overseas Participants Only

Course 1_ Transportation

BRT & TOPIS >> Seoul Station Bus Transfer Center >> Seoul Station

BRT & TOPIS (Transportation Operation and Information Service)
With the TOPIS (Transportation Operation and Information Service), Seoul Metropolitan. Government is able to gather and process real-time traffic information, enabling the
efficient management of road and subway traffic. The system was implemented in Seoul
with public transport reforms made in 2004, and has proven very successful. The average
speed of buses has increased from 10 km/h to 20 km/h, resulting in a decrease in total
travel time.
Seoul Station Bus Transfer Center
Seoul Station

Course 2_ Water Management

Arisu Water Purification Center >> Sewage Treatment Center

Arisu Water Purification Center
Arisu Water Purification Center
The Arisu Water Purification Center provides 600,000m³ of drinking water per day to
1.7 million Seoul citizens. An online real-time water quality system allows citizens to check the quality of the water supplied to their houses from the facility. Its advanced wastewater treatment technology is the first of its kind in Seoul.
Sewage Treatment Center

Course 3_ Environment

Worldcup Park >> Seoul Energy Dream Center >> Mapo Resource Recovery Facility >> Sky Park

Worldcup Park
Seoul Energy Dream Center
Seoul Energy Dream Center
The Seoul Energy Dream Center is Korea’s first and largest energy autonomous building,
and serves as an exhibition of future possibilities for the built environment. The center Has been designed to reduce average energy consumption by 70% through its use of
eco-friendly techniques including insulation, lighting and heat recovery system.
Participants will learn how to make their own zero-energy house, and will visit exhibition
halls for green technologies and eco-friendly products.
Mapo Resource Recovery Facility
Mapo Resource Recovery Facility
The Mapo Resource Recovery Facility was created after shrinking landfill capacity made it necessary to incinerate garbage waste in the northwest region of Seoul. Within the facility, waste generated in Seoul is safely incinerated at high temperatures. Following this, the
thermal energy generated is captured and recycled to provide heat for homes in the
district, thereby contributing to a clean and comfortable environment by reducing landfill deposits.
Sky Park